Velpanat Tablets for Hepatitis C

Velpanat tablets help in treating the hepatitis C in adults, basically, those who have m genotype 1-6 chronic hepatitis C virus. These tablets should be taken as a fixed dose by the patients having Chronic Hepatitis C. There is no need to combine these tablets with other medicines. Nucleotide polymerase inhibitor is included in these tablets that help in curing the disease. This medicine has given great results when a patient of HCV infections of 1,2,3,4,5,6 genotype has taken it for 12 weeks. These tablets can be taken with ribavirin in order to treat Hepatitis C. This medicine is categorized under antiviral medicines named as replication complex inhibitor and NS5B polymerase inhibitor. Velapant tablets help in controlling the virus that spread the disease. These tablets can be consumed with or without having food. Make sure that these tablets are taken on daily basis that too at the same time as prescribed by the specialist.

The patient should consult hematologist if he/she feels some kind of allergy after consuming velapant tablets. The doctor will tell you whether to continue the medicine by combining it with other drugs or to stop consuming it.

Also inform your doctor about the types of medicine a patient is having. In case a patient is taking some nutritional supplements or vitamins, then also the doctor should be kept informed. This will help the doctor to either change or modify your dosage accordingly. For example, if antacids are taken by a person then they should take it either 4 hours after or 4 hours before taking the velpanat tablets. If a person is taking the medicine for indigestion or heartburn or any other type of ulcer then the also the doctor should be informed so that he will tell at what time and after how many hours the velpanat can be consumed. Also keep the doctor informed if any type of herbal medicine is been taken by a patient or she is breastfeeding or is pregnant.